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Nearly 20,000 humanitarian aid workers are based in southern Africa where one in three people live below the global poverty line. On a regular basis, they see mothers die in childbirth, families starve, and children go without medical care for easily treated conditions.

Now, they are risking their own lives as the COVID-19 virus spreads around the world.

To ensure that humanitarian aid workers remain resilient and mentally healthy, Stillpoint Engage is offering online support groups.

If you’re a licensed mental health clinician, you can support those fighting COVID-19 around the world by joining us in providing weekly 90-minute online small group support sessions for 6-8 humanitarian aid workers.

We provide:

  • Ongoing training opportunities and clinical /peer supervision support
  • Information about the humanitarian aid worker experience to inform your practice
  • Access to the Zoom platform with a brief tutorial
  • Assembled groups and a set schedule for 8 weeks
  • Resilience resources
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