Humanitarian Workers Program

Humanitarian Workers Program

The Program

There are approximately 3,900 humanitarian, non-governmental organizations around the globe with nearly 250,000 team members, all working to find solutions to the most difficult international problems–human rights, humanitarian relief, international migration of refugees, food securities, reducing human suffering, and achieving international peace.Humanitarian workers often work under extreme conditions of stress and conflict, which increases vulnerability to mental and physical illness. As the global demand for humanitarian work increases, so too does the demand for humanitarian workers, and along with it, the need, especially for humanitarian organizations, to support them. As long as there are conflicts and natural disasters worldwide, we must find ways to contribute to the care and wellbeing of those individuals caring for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The Humanitarian Workers’ Program

  1. Resiliency training in preparation for fieldwork.
  2. Support while in the field.
  3. Development of App-based program to reinforce training materials, facilitate self-assessment and increase self-awareness.
  4. Reintegration, re-entry, and meaning-making programs.

By connecting organizations, therapists, and humanitarian workers through these three phases, Stillpoint Engage aims to support humanitarian workers throughout their contribution, and so deepen its impact.