An extensive psychologically-focused research project conducted across ethnicities and geographic regions in Kosovo Statistical analysis of this research revealed widespread demoralization in Kosovo, levels comparable to those suffered by cancer patients in palliative care in the United States and Western Europe.


American Indian Partnerships

The Pine Ridge Reservation, the poorest region in the United States, is home to about 40,000 residents, the majority of them members of the Oglala Sioux tribe. Stillpoint Engage is collaborating with elders and community leaders on Pine Ridge, as well as various agencies and organizations  to confront unprecedented suicide and substance abuse rates in the community’s youth.


Humanitarian aid Workers

There are approximately 3,900 humanitarian, non-governmental organizations around the globe with nearly 250,000 team members, all working to find solutions to the most difficult international problems–human rights, humanitarian relief, international migration of refugees, food securities, reducing human suffering and achieving international peace.

Human to Human

At Stillpoint Engage, we believe that suffering can only be alleviated when human beings truly connect across the many boundaries that too often separate us. Our engagement process is based on respect, collaboration, shared vision, and reflection. We invite you to listen, learn, and partner with us.


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