Sustaining First Responders' Resiliency

First responders and humanitarian aid workers are on the frontlines of helping people during crises. Whether during armed conflict, a pandemic, natural disaster or mass shooting, these individuals risk their physical and emotional well-being to serve others.

With COVID-19 and civil unrest overwhelming our local communities and communities worldwide, first responders face exhausting schedules, traumatic calls and fears for the lives of themselves and their families on top of an already demanding role. Stillpoint Engage is offering resources to support emergency medical services and first responders, in Minnesota.

Why Maintain Resiliency

With increased psychological resilience comes the increased ability to stay present with others, make difficult decisions, and stay grounded in a high stress, high risk environment.

When people are resilient and mentally strong, they can do their jobs more effectively and maintain healthy relationships. This reduces burn-out, as well as personal challenges such as marital or parenting discord and substance misuse.

ResiliencEngage is able to support first responders and humanitarian aid workers to build resilience and increase their ability to withstand adversity.


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