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As EMS First Responders, you’re on the frontlines of this global crisis. At a time when communities and supports are already overwhelmed, you have courageously heeded the call to serve and care for the most vulnerable among us. We honor your conviction and want to extend our support to you.

Stillpoint Engage is an international humanitarian nonprofit that takes a multidimensional approach, grounded in depth psychology, to alleviate human suffering worldwide. For the past year, we have been working with Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Southern Africa to develop and provide humanitarian aid workers with practices to sustain and deepen their work.

Given the extreme stress and increased risks that the COVID-19 outbreak and civil unrest brings to your work, we acknowledge a sense of urgency and have scaled our ResiliencEngage program to meet the need.

The ResiliencEngage program facilitates increased psychosocial resilience for humanitarian aid workers and first responders, thereby strengthening the impact of your work in communities worldwide.

Here’s what we offer:
Foundational training: We provide in-depth classroom-based learning to prepare EMS First Responders for multiple experiences and allows for ongoing psychosocial resilience support.

Individual resilience sessions with a licensed clinician in a confidential, safe, and secure environment. Many of clinicians have worked as first responders or humanitarian aid workers and have extensive training in the lived experience of frontline workers.

Critical incident weekly review and support available as drop-in the weekly review sessions.

Peer Support coming soon!

We're here for you!

Stillpoint Engage/The ResilienceEngage Team

Critical Incident Review and Support

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