Kosovo State of Mind: Contextualizing Existential Despair

This research paper details an exploratory pilot study consisting of qualitative interviews and psychiatric screening suggested widespread existential despair, beyond that attributable to psychiatric illness, among Kosovar “Returnees.”

Download and read the PDF paper. 

Phase 1


An extensive psychologically-focused research project conducted across ethnicities and geographic regions in Kosovo Statistical. Analysis of this research revealed widespread demoralization in Kosovo, levels comparable to those suffered by cancer patients in palliative care in the United States and Western Europe.

Phase 2


Collaborative program-design in collaboration with the local field researchers who conducted initial interviews. Stillpoint Engage provided professional training, engaged in listening sessions, and facilitated collaborative brainstorming sessions. Through this phase we worked to foster gender equity and youth empowerment in Kosovo, while also supporting and leveraging local knowledge. Our aim is to understand, and alleviate, widespread demoralization, loss of agency, and loss of meaning in Kosovo—underreported obstacles to stability, economic health, the rule of law, and independence. 


Phase 3


Now in its Pilot Phase, Reparative Narrative in Kosovo is an innovative methodology that gives individuals and communities the space to find psychological healing after conflict by sharing their life stories in a therapeutic relationship with highly trained listeners. Reparative Narrative allows individuals the chance to weave a full tapestry from the richness, complexity, and challenges of their own lives, and gives others the chance to connect and heal through those stories as well—in respectful and collaboratively designed ways. 

Human to Human

At Stillpoint Engage, we believe that suffering can only be alleviated when human beings truly connect across the many boundaries that too often separate us. Our engagement process is based on respect, collaboration, shared vision, and reflection. We invite you to listen, learn, and partner with us.


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