Meaningful Relationships

Join Stillpoint Engage as we work to support American Indian youth in the region by assembling and facilitating an Elder Council and a Youth Council to guide the development of future programs for individual and community healing. 

The Elders Council will:

  • Identify the core needs of the American Indian youth in the region.
  • Engage with Indian youth to impact cultural teachings and provide social support.
  • Provide ongoing direction and guidance for youth-focused programming.

The Youth Council will:

  • Strengthen youth's relationship with elders.
  • Bolster youth self-identify through meaningful relationships with elders and exposure to cultural teachings.
  • Develop youth leadership skills through the process of identifying needs and co-creating community programs with the Elder Council.

Human to Human

At Stillpoint Engage, we believe that suffering can only be alleviated when human beings truly connect across the many boundaries that too often separate us. Our engagement process is based on respect, collaboration, shared vision, and reflection. We invite you to listen, learn, and partner with us.


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