In each of our projects, our core team is guided and joined by additional experts and community leaders FROM THE FIELD, who help to inform our WORKING process.


Stephen Setterberg, MD


In addition my role at Stillpoint Engage, I am president and founder of PrairieCare psychiatric hospitals and clinics in Minneapolis, and a practicing psychiatrist with a research background and more than 25 years of administrative experience in both academic and private healthcare settings. Although my core orientation as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist means I instinctively focus on intuiting underlying dynamics and forces, I am nonetheless devoted to using empirical, scientific methods wherever possible to check, verify, and refine these intuitions. I bring this attitude to Stillpoint Engage where I hope we can embolden humanitarian compassion in the world by demonstrating its real and enduring effects.

Jane Reilly, LICSW

Executive Director, Co-Founder

I am a co-founder and Executive Director of Stillpoint Engage, a psychotherapist, researcher, a faculty member for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in D.C., and a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology & Humanistic Studies at Saybrook University in San Francisco, CA. In my role as a leader and the Executive Director of Stillpoint Engage, I strive to inspire and strengthen communities and individuals around the globe through a commitment to stewardship, in service to humanity. I received my M.S. in Social Work from Columbia University, New York, NY. For more than two decades, I have specialized in working as a psychotherapist in the area of trauma healing and resiliency, working with individuals and communities impacted by trauma, often post-conflict and post-disaster. A most fulfilling part of my work is supervising and training professionals in the U.S. and overseas who work co meet the unique needs of their clients who have been impacted by trauma.


Evangelos Tsempelis


I hold my psychoanalytic practice in Zürich, Switzerland, grounded in the midst of an organically growing community of like-minded colleagues from a variety of cultural backgrounds, working under the roof of Stillpoint Spaces. My academic background is in history and international relations with a specific focus on international security and conflict resolution. Prior to becoming an analyst I worked as a project manager, consultant and director in projects of bilateral institutional assistance in the humanitarian field and in international organizations and research institutes, respectively. I am passionate about bridging psychoanalytic theory and practice with other fields and disciplines in order to respond effectively to the quest to improve the overall well-being of marginalized populations.

Mollie Gabrys-Lake

Resilience Program Coordinator

With a diverse background and interdisciplinary lens on the world, I have a deep-seated passion for wellbeing and healing. I earned my Master of Social Work at the University of Washington, and pursued my graduate training and a post-graduate fellowship at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle. Committed to serving people and communities on their healing journeys, I have been honored to facilitate retreats for women Veterans and continue to offer nature-based therapeutics programming in the community.

Tahnahga Yako

Elder-in-Residence & program Specialist

Boozhoo, my name is Tahnahga Yako, descendant of Mohawk, Taino and Ojibwe. As a Mohawk, I was named within the Longhouse. As a Taino, I carry my father’s lineage. As an Ojibwe, I was adopted into the lineage of my grandmother, Keewaydinoquay. I currently work as the Elder in Residence and Program Specialist for Stillpoint Engage. I am also a chaplain/cultural liaison who has worked in serving the American Indian community locally, as well as within the Great Lakes region, working to share tradition cultural practices that promote healing for the ongoing of the people. I have worked for many years with the Twin Cities American Indian Community as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, working with the American Indian Community as a HIV/AIDS outreach worker. I have also offered local and national training as a herbalist, activist and workshop leader. I sit on the Elders Council at Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center. I received the title of Oskibewis from the late Keewaydinoquay through initiation. Currently, I work as an Assistant Trainer in the Circle Training/Restorative Justice Field, offering training at the college of WaterLoo.

Human to Human

At Stillpoint Engage, we believe that suffering can only be alleviated when human beings truly connect across the many boundaries that too often separate us. Our engagement process is based on respect, collaboration, shared vision, and reflection. We invite you to listen, learn, and partner with us.


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