2020 Annual Year-End Event Celebrating the work of Hennepin Health EMS

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December 15, 2020

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 Stillpoint Engage recognizes challenging work of Hennepin EMS


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (December 15, 2020) - In a one-of-a-kind project between Stillpoint Engage and Hennepin EMS first responders and dispatch staff can access resilience resources to sustain their mental and emotional stamina.

With COVID-19 overwhelming communities and healthcare, first responders are on the frontlines helping people during crises. First responders face exhausting schedules, traumatic calls, and fears for the lives of themselves and their families. Stillpoint Engage offers resources to support Hennepin EMS first responders, including individual resilience sessions, group critical incident sessions, in-person resilience training, a private website, resource library, and peer support training.

“In a high-stress, high-risk environment such as emergency response, individuals can face personal and professional challenges,” said Jane Reilly, co-founder and executive director of Stillpoint Engage. “The ResiliencEngage project helps sustain first responders so they can stay resilient and emotionally healthy in the face of traumatic or difficult incidents.”

Stillpoint Engage has dedicated 2020 to support the first responders who always put our community first. This year Stillpoint Engage is highlighting Hennepin EMS at their annual year-end-event. A tribute video highlighting the work of first responders and the importance of supporting them following a particularly challenging year is being released on December 15. The video is available to watch online at www.stillpointengage.org.

This holiday season join us as we celebrate our first responders!


Stillpoint Engage is an international, humanitarian nonprofit organization that engages multidimensional approaches to alleviate human suffering. They engage directly with frontline workers on our local streets during times of crisis, as well as with those who serve globally post-conflict and post-disaster. Throughout their work, Stillpoint Engage focuses on promoting psychological and social support activities, increasing psychosocial resiliency, and providing opportunities for actionable insight to enable individual and community healing.

Hennepin EMS is an Urban/Suburban 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Services Agency that handles approximately 75,000 calls for service each year from the citizens and visitors of Hennepin County, Minnesota. Hennepin EMS is based at HCMC in Downtown Minneapolis and serves 14 municipalities within Hennepin County, covering 266 square miles and a population of over 7,000,000.

Visit www.stillpointengage.org or www.hennepinhealthcare.org/hennepinems/ for more information

A Thanksgiving Dinner for Local First Responders


Mindful Connections and Self Care Retreat




Presentation by Jane Reilly, M.S. & Executive Director

These are uncertain times where helping professionals are confronting unprecedented challenges which understandably might lead to increased levels of anxiety, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

To maintain a sense of purpose for the school year amidst a pandemic, this online retreat is intended to provide the helping professionals life-changing, proven tools, and resources needed to strengthen their social and emotional resilience and mindful self-care.

Hennepin Healthcare EMS

With COVID-19 and civil unrest overwhelming our local communities and communities worldwide, first responders face exhausting schedules, traumatic calls, and fears for the lives of themselves and their families on top of an already demanding role.

Stillpoint Engage is offering resources to support emergency medical services and first responders, in Minnesota. Learn more about our partnership with Hennepin Healthcare EMS.


Riverfront Residents Learn about the tools for resilience

Mill City Commons Logo

August 31, 2020 -- Thanks to Mill City Commons for the opportunity to present to their membership recently. Executive Director and Co-Founder Jane Reilly talked to the group about Stillpoint Engage, highlighting the work with humanitarian aid workers globally, as well as local work with Hennepin Healthcare EMS. Learn more about our programs

The event was part of the Women Who Make a Difference series.

Mill City Commons brings together neighbors 55+ in Minneapolis's central Riverfront neighborhood. The organization is a village community that provides activities and learning opportunities to help members live healthy, vibrant lives.

One attendee said, “The tools for resilience are so necessary for us all right now (and always). Your work with first responders (your app is genius!) and Native American youth and elders is so timely and critical. We hope more people will come to learn about Stillpoint Engage as we have, and feel equally moved to learn more about the great work you are doing.”

If you’d like to have someone from Stillpoint Engage speak to your group, email us at engage@StillpointEngage.org.

World Humanitarian Day

REgatheringtHANK YOU

Doctors without Borders in South Africa

SA update

Voyager Outward Bound

WHITE_transparent Voyager Outward Bound Logo
Stillpoint Engage is partnering with Voyager Outward Bound, the leading provider of experiential and outdoor education programs, to co-create programming to support Native American Youth.

First Anniversary Celebration

World Mental Health Day

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